Remediation of a former petrochemical plant, Baglan, South Wales

Remediation of a former petrochemical plant, Baglan, South Wales

Following the closure of one of the largest petrochemical plants in Europe, St Modwen acquired the 1,050-acre site ahead of redevelopment as a £500m employment hub. We were appointed as the remediation specialist for the site.

Remediation was required in three areas of the site: Two of the target areas were former styrene manufacturing zones totalling 10.2 ha of land. Our approach was to employ source treatment supported by monitored natural attenuation(MNA). The other target area was the western boundary, a 1.3km site boundary bordering a beach. We installed aboundary treatment system that is capable of reducing mass  flux for up to 25 years. Contaminants of concern included benzene, styrene, ethylbenzene and chlorinated hydrocarbons. A carefully coordinated schedule of remediation works was developed across the three target areas. Detailed remediation design works were undertaken by QDS and then approved by two independent consultants - Natural Resources Wales and the Local Authority.

Important remedial milestones were achieved within the designated three year period. It is estimated a total 275 tonnes of contaminant mass was removed/treated by the biopile system. Applied vapour extraction systems successfully captured target contaminants, minimising potential impact of the works on the local environment and preventing the release of highly odorous

contaminants. The 700m boundary sparge system was successful in reducing contaminant mass flux across the site boundary by 76%. The system continues to meet client performance expectations.

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Remediation of a former petrochemical plant, Baglan, South Wales

The site manager led an effective team that progressed the works in a diligent and effective manner

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