Remediation of a former dry cleaning factory, Bootle, Liverpool

Remediation of a former dry cleaning factory, Bootle, Liverpool

The remediation of a former dry cleaning factory in Bootle presented us with a number of key challenges due to the site’s sensitive setting within a densely populated area of Bootle. These challenges were met with our most comprehensive Environmental Management Plan to date.

Hotspots of solvents and hydrocarbons were identified in the shallow Made Ground and groundwater at the site. Contamination presented a potential risk to the future site occupiers. We were contracted to undertake the soil remediation and deliver a programme of groundwater remediation.

Investment in real-time monitoring instruments and development of a comprehensive Emissions Monitoring Plan we have ever put in place enabled the successful treatment of 2,000m3 of soils and management of 20,000m3 of soils.

Soil remediation works involved:

• delivery of a watching brief during soil re-profiling works

• supervision of soil hotspot and underground storage tanks excavation

• segregation and management of quarantined soils

• bioremediation (biopiling) and vapour extraction of soils

• validation and re-use of soils suitable for backfilling under the Site Materials Management Plan

Remediation outcome

No complaints of odours or vapours were received during the works due to our diligence in sticking to our monitoring regime. This included stringent mitigation measures for odour minimisation, vapour treatment and extensive odour suppression. The soil and groundwater remediation works were undertaken safely with no adverse impact on the surrounding community. Soil remediation works were validated to the satisfaction of the regulators.

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It was a pleasure to work with QDS on this project. Hopefully we can give you further opportunities to win more awards in the future.

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