Remediation of a former chemical factory, Four Ashes, Staffordshire.

Remediation of a former chemical factory, Four Ashes, Staffordshire.

FLI QDS were contracted to remediate the former Four Ashes Chemical Plant. The 32 hectare site was used for chemical manufacture from the 1960’s and demolished in 2007. The site was redeveloped in two phases for manufacturing and commercial use.

Investigations identified wide ranging contaminant impact to the soils and groundwater associated with the previous manufacturing activities. The primary contaminants included chlorinated solvents, phenol, PAH’s, TPH and BTEX.

QDS worked with Hydrock Consultants to develop a robust and cost effective Remediation Strategy and implemented it as part of the redevelopment programme. This involved working closely with Readie Construction and key subcontractors (piling, groundworks and utilities tomanage the site’s shallow water table and phase the remediation works efficiently, enabling the successful completion of a 450,000 sq ft manufacturing facility.

Fixed price delineation, bioremediation and chemical oxidation treatment of contaminated soils/groundwater. Extensive delineation works including 150 trial pits excavated and over 300 soil samples, enabling upfront validation of excavations and rapid handover of critical zones. Bioremediation and materials management of 23,000 m³ of contaminated soils. In-situ chemical oxidation of 10,500 m³ of saturated zone soils. Provision of a bespoke water treatment system and treatment of 44,000 m³ of groundwater. Excavation and processing of 2,000 m³ of asbestos impacted soils under license. Over 1,200 kg of asbestos removed and disposed off-site. Mass balance calculations estimated 115,000 kg of hydrocarbon mass destroyed, primarily BTEX and phenol.

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The site manager led an effective team that progressed the works in a diligent and effective manner

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